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LH, also called imposition of hands, originated from a religious ritual act in which a priest or other religious head would place his palms on the top of another’s head while reciting a prayer or blessing. View PDF of details Next »Magnet Therapy is an alternative medicine practice in which practitioners use static magnets on certain parts of the body to promote health and healing.

The effects of energy forces and magnetism have been studied by many cultures dating back as early as the Roman and Greek Empires.

View PDF of details Next »Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a form of self-administered psychotherapy that uses a combination of physical stimulation–usually a specifically ordered range of tapping movements– of acupuncture points in conjunction with a focused attunement to specific psychological symptoms and/or psychological trauma (i.e.

traumatic memories) (Connolly, Sakai, & Oas, 2010).

View PDF of details Next »National data from the General Social Survey’s analysis from 1972 to 2006 indicates that up to 97% of Americans pray, with some 57% reporting that they pray at least once a day (General Social Survey, 2008).

The act of praying for the welfare of others is termed “intercessory prayer” in the scientific literature, a term which specifies that such prayers serve as an intercession with God's will on the behalf of others.

View PDF of details Next » century, is almost always self-administered and involves applying pressure to various points on one’s body while directing one’s thoughts to past physical, emotional, or ancestral traumas that require healing (Elder et al., 2012; Honda et al., 2012).The following will assist patients and health professionals to navigate the vast field of subtle energies and energy healing modalities for use in their personal and professional endeavors.This resource serves as a selective literature review.Each overview presents a: Body Talk™ is an integrative mind/body energy therapy that draws from ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture, yoga and meditation, as well as neuroscience, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology (Body Talk, n.d.) and neurolinguistic programming (Bandler & Grinder, 1982).There are over two thousand Body Talk™ practitioners (Ventegodt, Veltheim, & Merrick, 2011).

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