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In fact, it is the best i Phone to date, and I've had a tremendous time with it, but it doesn't drastically change my opinion of the i Phone as a product, nor of i OS as an ecosystem. I disabled my fingerprint sensor on the Note 8 to see whether Samsung's iris scanner (which approaches the same security level as Face ID) could compete, and it just couldn't.That's not to say Google and its hardware partners can't stand to learn a few things from the i Phone X. And while Samsung's Face Recognition feature is indeed faster than iris scanning, it's also much less secure.I see the notch, and am occasionally distracted by it, but here's what I've found: when an optimized i Phone app understands how to work within the confines of the notch, it's great.

Smart Lock does help, especially if you're connected to a wearable or in a trusted environment like a home or workplace, but for security reasons, it only works in four-hour stints.Face ID also has the added benefit of working when I'm wearing gloves which, as I've recently discovered in a spate of cold Canadian days, is helpful.Neither of Samsung's facial biometric solutions works reliably enough outside for my liking.Blue shift is a thing, though not nearly to the same extent as the Pixel 2 XL, and even though the i Phone X's 2436 x 1125 pixel display is some 57 ppi denser than the i Phone 8 Plus's, you're still dealing with all the inherent properties, good or bad, of OLED.I like the screen and think it's probably among the best out there right now, but it's also Apple playing catch-up in a big way. A lot of early reviewers said that it "disappeared" into the experience of using the phone, but there I have to disagree.

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