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So if you are still reading this and think I'm not a axe wielding psycho then hit me up as they say Hello everybody, My name is Carla, a 30-year-old woman writing from Würzburg, a German city located in Bavaria.I study there to obtain a master degree in Italian Language and Literature. Social and economic inequalities increase day by day, and this is a fact. Im a psychology student at Indonesia and I have a new year project about Unity In Diversity.I am A PERSON who respects individuality, ethnicity, race, diversity, and multicultural societies that live in harmony.I do not appreciate being used or manipulated by others as I am always a very straightforward individual, who does not hide anything from anyone and I always ask others to be as honest as they possible can be, I am not asking that much, and respect certainly goes a long ...At the university I studied linguistics (french literature). I've just started learning English and would be glad to meet someone who would help me with it.I need english because most of our customers are situated ab..... I really want to find here the person or people who can be my friend/s. I'm interested in Indian historical epics, and I love watching thei..... I'm learning English for job ang entertainment, but my confidence and knowledge are weak. And i am from Kasachstan.i am fluent in Russian and know some i am living in Austria in a beautiful city Graz.

I am from Skopje, Macedonia but since it is not on the site's options, I chose the closest major City which is Thes..Welcome to our pen pals online site where you can connect with friends on the Net for free.You can find free pen pals & penpals site to connect friends locally and around the world together, including international email pen pals, pen pals for kids, teens, snail mail pen pals, language exchange, friendship, romance and love, relationships, Asian pen pals, Japanese penpals, etc.A language exchange with a pen pal from Russia is an excellent way to make a friend from Russia, learn about its culture and improve your foreign language skills.This type of exchange is suitable for langauge learners of all skill levels, even beginners.

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