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For .99 a month, Hulu users get unlimited access to the Hulu library, with ads.If you prefer an ad-free experience, Hulu recently introduced a .99 plan that gets you just that.This includes a selection of episodes from shows like . Its .99 plan gives you more options than Hulu’s .99 plan, while also offering users a comparable plan for the same price as Hulu.Distilling it down to video streaming alone, it also beats out Amazon by billing monthly rather than annually., which has already been labeled an Oscar contender.

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Current seasons of many of the shows available on Netflix are on Hulu. With some shows, Hulu users can view only the five most recent episodes, so if you want to watch your favorite new shows on Hulu, you don’t have long to do so.Another .99 gets users access to Showtime content.With Hulu, users can stream on one device at a time.Of Amazon’s 12 nominations, 11 of them actually belonged to one show – . Original content aside, the types of content offered by each service differ.Netflix offers the greatest variety and some of the best quality shows.

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