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This means that you have the opportunity to run code before a base method is called and after it has completed.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 introduced XPP events, which are also available in this release and can be subscribed to in your extensions.

Click on this link to open an Office Mix that provides a good introduction on how to customize model elements.

Plug-ins are extension points that are defined by the base application.

By using a class-factory pattern, plug-ins enable you to replace the base functionality.

Navigation property binding Starting from version 0.5.0, the If users have the need to extend the model even after RESTier’s conventions have been applied, user can use IService Collection Add Service to add a Model Builder after calling Api Base. GET ~/People(1)/First Name (primitive property) GET ~/People(1)/Favorite Feature (enum property) GET ~/People(1)/Friends (navigation property) GET ~/People(1)/Emails (collection property) GET ~/Events(1)/Occurs At (complex property) GET ~/Events(1)/Occurs At/Address These are the two primary limitations currently, and we are looking at mitigating them in future releases.

In the meanwhile, we’d like to hear your feedback and suggestions on how to improve RESTier.

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