Outlook 2016 calendar tracking not updating

Now when you assign some delegate as an Editor, you are giving him/her, the privileges of creating meeting requests, sending meeting requests, editing and deleting meeting requests as well.

In addition, he/she can also be given access to receive mails pertaining the meetings, PRIVATE ITEMS and also accept and reject meetings on your behalf.

User friendly, "App" what you mean and mean what you "App" software are becoming few and far between and although I understand the need for improvement and updating, the CONSTANT changes are leaving behind the largest generation in history, the aged and aging Baby Boomers.

We owe it to our oldest to remember them in all of our efforts of the Technological Movement, for they are the generation that led the World in the Industrial Revolution.

Microsoft Outlook is undeniably the best feature rich application blending your online and offline transitions perfectly with its proficient capabilities on all your emails, contacts, calendar and meetings.

To begin with, Microsoft Outlook gives you incredible capabilities, and one of these is your delegate access. To make it easy, it’s like having someone to create and manage your meetings, on your behalf.

You are all set with adding a delegate but now how do you give them the priviliges?

Now once you add a delegate, you would immediately be asked as to which kind of a delegate is he/she as shown below.

It’s good to have few tips in hand while working on Dynamics CRM-Outlook connector issues.

The Arctic Calendar is an online, searchable calendar of major meetings and events relevant to the arctic science, education, and policy communities.

It serves as a community resource for tracking and publicizing major arctic events and conferences, and to help avoid conflicting meeting dates.

For this you need to be the system administrator and you would need to use the Dynamics CRM for Outlook Diagnostics.

This is advanced troubleshooting and hence not recommended for the end users.

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