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When we noticed it, we had a huge amount of people who were addicted mainly to heroin.”By the 90s, nearly one percent of Portugal’s population had a heroin addiction.Soon, politicians began taking heed of the festering epidemic, which had become one of the country’s biggest problems.Originally a family care doctor, Goulão spearheaded the Portuguese drug addiction program, and for the past 15 years has witnessed his small country transform from one with a heroin addict on every street corner, to one that can boast having successfully curbed high levels of drug abuse.Ever since a report came out of the Cato Institute in 2009 touting the progress and success of the Portuguese system, the hype about decriminalization has grown, and Goulão’s office can’t keep track of all the media calls it receives on the matter.Autres Regards, Marseille, ), in several cases in an irregular situation.This leads to the second issue dealt with in this chapter—the direct and indirect links between prostitution, illegal activities, and crime.In most Western European countries, prostitution in itself is not a crime, but sexual exploitation and pimping are.In addition, trafficking for sexual exploitation is consensually classified as a crime that involves “coercive” or “deceived” migration, often associated with threat, fraud, and violence.

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Next, they began steering drug addicts away from prisons and punishment and towards doctors and healing.Young men returning from the Portuguese Colonial War in Angola, Portuguese Guinea, and Mozambique brought back cannabis, and criminals ushered in heroin and cocaine.“We were completely naive about drugs,” Goulão said.The country had been closed off and drugs had been controlled for decades, and suddenly the doors were wide open.It’s hard to see proof of that now, but Portugal’s history with drug abuse was certainly once troublesome.In 2001, the Portuguese set up a program that tackled their widespread drug problem in a way that has garnered both respect and controversy in the global war on drugs.

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