Problem during frost updating

Your only mission is to survive, however long.-If you are new to Fallout 4 modding, go here first to set up your file. For this reason you MUST use the saves provided in the download section to start your game (unless you elect to use an Alternate Start mod and are so badass you can survive the outdoors without a gas mask (more about that below)).This is essential for modding.-Extract into your main Fallout 4 directory (or use a mod manager like the rest of us).-Extract the contents of the FROST Start Saves file into your save games folder (C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves by default).-Alternatively, download Vault 111 Quickstart and use that save.-v0.4 and v0.5 require Far Harbor, Nuka World, and Automatron. I do not recommend playing FROST on your current save or trying to start a new game with FROST installed..In FROST, the goal is not to complete quests and join factions.Most vanilla NPCs have been removed or changed beyond recognition. FROST is currently in an early alpha build, so the alternate start functionality is not fully implemented.You're weak and have just woken up from a coma, so OF COURSE you don't do as much damage with a pipe as a hardened Cannibal or Survivor would do.Taking the appropriate perks will put you on the same level as your enemies.Hidden within Parna’s Coast, Riders will discover the gigantic underground caves that house the Merumi zealots and their tightly guarded temple in worship of Radan.As you work your way through the underground cave system, the path you take will determine the boss you end up challenging!

However, Elite Familiars from Parna’s Coast and all Heroic familiars are immune to this effect.Your efforts will see your alliance grow stronger and your fame spread throughout the land.Whitecap Boar, Venomous Ice Spider, Tundra Bison, Tempest Drake, Snowy Owl, Snowclaw Wolf, Snow Tiger, Silver Shriekwing, Savage Blue Wolf, Royal Aros, Parna’s Reindeer, Laiku, Ice Hound, Ice Floe Turtle, Gray Wyrm, Frozen Shrieker, Frostodon, Ferocious Grizzly, Cunning Blue Wolf, Coastal Reindeer, Blizzard Wolf, Blizzard Phoenix Uru, Troy, Thundershield Zepiros, Straiga, Raidos, Murasa, Mist, Lashaka, Lahav, Krooger, Grumpy Gros, Frost, Deathbeak Rodos, Dainok, Camara, Bonethorpe, Blue Frost Wyvern, Blahk, Amaran, Abyssal Coatra *The sealed weapon you receive will be determined by the class you are playing.This debilitating cold will lower your familiars’ move speed and energy.You will need to use cold resistance scrolls and certain familiar gear to protect your familiars from the cold.

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