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Energy cannot be lost or gained, just transferred ((Law of conservation of energy)(2).And obviously, since there was no matter, and energy is not matter, energy could not have made everything. However, it makes more sense that God would knowingly place everything into place for a purpose.Many competent observers have commented on the remarkable freshness of the deposit, as though the eruptions took place in very recent times.A startling find was made in 1889 near Nampa, Idaho.I will start this debate off with my opening statements, definitions, and acceptance.

Still, there are several curious things about this lava flow.And being all powerful, this would be perfectly possible for God to accomplish.Clearly, it would make more sense to have an all powerful God create everything with a purpose, rather than everything being randomly put into place by a process that could never happen! "For example, when the fresh lava dome at Mount St.As far as I can tell, most prehistoric artifacts are very primitive, and could have been easily made by prehistoric people. I assume that with your belief of evolution, you believe that the world was created via the Big Bang.The Big Bang states that there was energy, then an explosion, then everything (1).

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    Here’s a look back at how MSN Messenger used to look, during a time when everyone put emoticons in their name or status message, and your mom picking up the phone and killing your modem connection to MSN Messenger was just as annoying as someone using the same font and color as you during a conversation.

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    In the film The Perfect Women, the titular robot, Olga, is described as having "no sex", but Steve Chibnall writes in his essay "Alien Women" in British Science Fiction Cinema that it is clear from her fetishistic underwear that she is produced as a toy for men, with an "implicit fantasy of a fully compliant sex machine".

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    I have spent six months trying to gain information, dig up evidence and stay alive at the same time. Filomina followed out with glasses and a bottle of red wine, as Vito sat across from me. I had a feeling that Vito actually really knew the answer to his own question, but then again maybe he didn’t. I’m sitting in my shop, the curtains are drawn and I can barely move.

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