Random adult chatting

(Pro tip: If she asks you for a dick pic, she wants one.) Apparently, guys blame porn for this lack of clarity: They watch a lot of porn on their laptops, smartphones and tablets — the very same devices they use to meet women online — and claim to conflate these two visual and sexually charged online modalities.Gerry, a 23-year-old from Frederick, Maryland, said: “I’ve mostly sent [dick pics] after a few flirtations back and forth with girls I’ve met online who seemed to want to hook up. ” Roger, a 31-year-old from New York, put it similarly: “Any guy who’s watched porn would not be fazed by random boob and vagina pics.These kinds of guys just want a response, so I recommend just not responding — and blocking them, rather than retaliating in some way...If the guy is looking for a response, even if you write back expressing disapproval — ‘Ew, I can’t believe you did that!Gerry says: “I like pictures of vaginas from women. I don't get it.” Tommy, a 32-year-old from New York, used a more literary explanation: "Anais Nin once said, 'We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.' I would be over the moon if some woman sent me a picture of any nudity whatsoever, so I assume that women feel the same way.” Couples counselor and psychologist Jonathan Alpert explained this reasoning, saying, “Men and women are socialized differently, and men are, for the most part, more genital-oriented.

Just to be clear, I’m not the kind of girl who clutches my pearls in horror over the very idea of an R-rated pic.So, why are women so offended by a random dick pic?” House agrees that porn plays a role: “Porn culture has evolved with smartphone culture: It’s really hard to unravel the two.“When a woman receives an unsolicited dick pic, it feels more like being exposed to a creepy flasher than being given the gift of free porn.If a woman saw a flasher on the street, she would immediately call the police.

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