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Elwyn and education go hand in hand and our schools are back in session tomorrow too.

One of our cornerstone programs in Media, Pennsylvania is The Davidson School, which provides special education …

If it was dealt with as a summary citation then, no, it will not be considered a second offense.

You should consult with a PA criminal defense attorney.

Therefore, you would have to refer to each of those sections to determine the process for expungement and also file two separate petitions.

My buddy was 20 years old, and the girl he was dating was 15, turning 16 in about 2 months.

I was booked for possession of marijuana in another state.

I was just charged in my home state for a similar offense.

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One rule of criminal procedure (Rule 790) deals with expunging a misdemeanor offense (such as ARD) and the other (Rule 490) deals with expunging a summary offense.They released the child until pretrial with a paper with charges. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding whether a juvenile's parent/ guardian needs to be contacted prior to questioning.Of course, if they have probable cause to arrest without the statement of the juvenile then the issue is moot.Are police allowed to question a juvenile without a parent being present and not read them there rights before arresting them?Police arrested a youth, did not read him his rights, and took him in for questioning without contacting parents.

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