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These include the Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve (SINERR), administered and operated in a state-federal partnership between Georgia DNR and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; also, the University of Georgia Marine Institute, and the civilian Hog Hammock community, permanent home to about 70 full-time residents, many of whom are descended from the antebellum slaves of Sapelo’s various plantations.

The SINERR comprises 6,100 acres of pristine tidal salt marsh and upland maritime forest.

In a show trial, the judge wastes little time declaring Brother guilty of Andy's murder and then sentencing him to death by hanging, which is carried out in short order.

The story wraps up with the narrator, revealing herself as "Little Sister", admitting that it was she who made the tracks that Brother saw leading to and from Andy's house.

The song then ends with a four-measure riff played in the key of G minor.

The overall vocal range is G In 1981, country singer Tanya Tucker recorded a version (on an album of the same name) with differing lyrics and an altered timeline.

The SINERR also operates the mainland Visitors Center at the Meridian ferry dock from which visitors may make tour reservation for public day trips to the island on Wednesdays and Saturdays the year around in addition to Fridays during the summer.Returning home from a two-week trip to a place called Candletop, a man, identified only as "Brother", stops for a drink at Webb's Bar before going home to his wife.His friend Andy Woodlow stops in to inform Brother that while he's been away his wife has been having an affair with a man named Seth Amos.Lawrence was, at the time, a regular performer on the ensemble variety comedy television show The Carol Burnett Show; on the final episode of the sixth season (March 24, 1973), Burnett surprised Lawrence by presenting her with an RIAA gold record for over a million copies sold. In Canada, the single version scored number one, as well, topping the RPM 100 national singles chart on May 5 of the same year.The song also scored number six on the Easy Listening chart, It was number one for two weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, and was finally topped by Tony Orlando and Dawn's "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree". Verse two uses the same structure as verse one, with an additional two lines.

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