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Businesses of any size, hobbyists and entrepreneurs can design and deploy web search applications for any possible scenario.

For example, Amicus has recently released a platform that changes the way charitable aid is funded and delivered, showing donors where every dollar is spent and giving non-profits real-time tools to report and measure performance.

Featuring a straightforward User Interface, Bing Custom Search enables you to create your own web search engine without a line of code.

You can specify the slices of the web you want to draw from – or let cutting-edge AI technology help to identify them.

You’ll see how we’re using a custom Power Query function and creating a nice Word Cloud from these phrases. Amicus needed to help donors Learn, Find and Fund projects that were of interest and relevant to them, something complex with traditional search engines.With Bing Custom Search, part of Microsoft Cognitive Services, Amicus has been able to identify its own set of relevant web pages in advance: when users have a single concept of interest (like ‘water’, ‘education’ or ‘India’), Bing Custom Search is able to deliver highly relevant results in the context of global aid.This information session New baby dolls waiting for names, coloring books waiting for crayons and dominoes waiting to be toppled will soon be in the hands of the more than 100 children residing at Emmaus House in Haverhill thanks to a donation by Northern Essex Community College’s Early Childhood Education Club.For the past several weeks the club En Northern Essex Community College, los estudiantes pueden hablar con miembros bilingües del personal y recibir nuestra información para potenciales estudiantes tanto en inglés como en español.

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