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The 16th century explorer Leo Africanus knew the city as Magadazo (alt. Tradition and old records assert that southern Somalia, including the Mogadishu area, was inhabited very early by hunter-gatherers of Khoisan descent.Although most of these early inhabitants are believed to have been either overwhelmed, driven away or, in some cases, assimilated by later migrants to the area, physical traces of their occupation survive in certain ethnic minority groups inhabiting modern-day Jubaland and other parts of the south.

The establishment of a local construction yard has also galvanized the city's real-estate sector.

As Somalia's capital city, many important national institutions are based in Mogadishu.

It is the seat of the Federal Government of Somalia established in August 2012, with the Somalia Federal Parliament serving as the government's legislative branch.

So I was wondering If I was the only one that finds them attractive.

I personally I find most somalian girls attractive but my friends just don't see it!

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