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Inside, it looked more or less like a restaurant preparing itself for regular dinner service (dim lighting, candlelit tables), rather than the morose, clinical vision I had concocted of name tags, clipboards, and other trappings of business conferences.

People filed in one at a time and checked in with the hostess, who cleared their name from a list and handed them a card for keeping track of dates that night.

If there are no matches, you’ll never know who liked you and vice versa -- somewhat akin to Tinder. There was the guy who just moved here from Texas who taught college courses online and was going to Venice for the summer because he could work from anywhere; the man who was raised by parents in the UN who spent his childhood in France, Morocco, Dubai, Rome, and about six other places; or the man who wasn’t physically my “type,” but who made me smile with his over-the-top laugh.

So whether you're from Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, or Leeds; there may be an event coming up near you.You wouldn’t get that at speed dating in Kansas, and certainly not at a bar in Bushwick.As New Yorkers, we’re constantly complaining that a city with over 8 million people can feel so ridiculously lonely.Everyone was gainfully employed, sociable (mostly), and somewhat attractive (again, mostly).The best part is that, drastically unlike Tinder, everyone there was actually looking for a relationship, or at the very least a second date.

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