Stacey farber and drake dating

He tells her that he didn't reject her, and explains that he was going to the zen garden with the intention of telling Hazel that she isn't his type.

He says that he'd much rather date a "cool, alternative" girl like Ellie, and asks her out for coffee.

Upon receiving it, Marco turns to look at Hazel, smiling at her.

Ashley then joins Ellie, noting the e-mail she sent, and asks to know who Ellie's secret crush is.

The two bond for a moment over their shared interest, before Marco leaves her to join his friends.

Meanwhile, Hazel and Paige are sitting at a nearby table, where Hazel fills Paige in on her budding crush on Marco.

She is also good friends with the Michalchuk siblings, Alex Nuñez and Jimmy Brooks.

She was rivals with Manny Santos for the affections of Craig but it was implied that they made up.

Ellie found it extremely amusing when Spinner got an erection in front of the entire English class.Ellie (by everyone)El (by everyone)Bad-Rhymer (self-appointed)Girlfriend (by Marco)Marco's honey (by Spinner)Bloodless Freak Bag (by Amy)Marilyn Manson (by Jason Mewes)Nash (by Marco and Craig)Chick on Sticks (by Leo Davies)Honey (by Leo)Mom (by Marco)Frosh (by Jesse)The new Core tramp (self-appointed)Smelly Mc Snootypants (by Manny)Craig's shadow (by Manny)Blood Sucking Vampire (by Amy)Old Lady (by Holly J.)Champ (by Marco)Hun (by Paige)Sweetie (by Paige)Stupid Klutz (self-appointed)Gloomy One (by Marco)Fireball Redhead (by Danny)Vampire (by Paige) Eleanor "Ellie" Nash is a Class of 2006 graduate of Degrassi Community School.Ellie began her freshman year in Season 2 as the new goth girl.It is unknown whether she and Spinner ever went out on a date.In Drive, when Ellie decided to get her cartilage pierced, Ashley wanted to get her belly button pierced to impress Ellie.

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