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Yes, some of the info in this book is brutally honest and not pleasant to read at all - as I think for the author the coming out on top actually means "managing to be sexy and pleasing to the bad guys so they actually pay attention to you".

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So now I am experimenting and trying to follow this fool's advice while dating, which is basically: be a bitch then be nice call/text then don't call sleep with him then don't sleep with him look really good ALL THE TIME go to the gym 5 days a week wax your beaver be a tease then don't be a tease date other men but don't sleep with them speak several languages be a porn star be the girl next door don't crowd him let him run free make rules break rules...anyway I guess men DO like crazy women so I am all set.

There's also that constant undercurrent of "to attract a man you have to act a certain way", which IMO sets up unrealistic expectations.

(Of course the "certain way" is to need the guy - because men need to be heroes & rescuers, yanno.)Naturally, there's nothing to be found about what we're getting out if it in return. OK, so I am giving 3 stars as the book actually contains some very useful information (don't jump to conclusions here, read further on) even though the title is misleading.

Yes, it made me laugh - but in an "OMG, is this guy serious? Santagati talks out of both sides of his mouth all the way through this, claiming that men love women, then in the next breath explaining that that's true as lo I can't remember where I read about this book, but somehow I came away with the impression that it was one of those "joke" self-help books, the kind with funny cartoons.

I could use a laugh right now, especially in that department, so I requested this book from my library.

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