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There are stairs on the set next to the coffee shop, but it is unknown where they lead.There is also an elevator near the magazine racks, behind the coffee shop.Comments about Skyler being a "groupie" come back to haunt Gavin when he proves to be one himself.Meanwhile, Skyler tries to get Katrina in to see her favorite band and Harold tries to make amends for telling Stuart he has no chance of ever being with Skyler.Rounding out the characters is the store's one steady customer, Harold March (Christopher Lloyd), a preeminent, but retired, rocket scientist.

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On May 18, 2006, Stacked was canceled, leaving five episodes unaired in the United States. The five unaired episodes have since been aired in reruns in the United Kingdom, Israel, and Switzerland.

To her surprise, Eve looks completely different from how she did at their previous meeting, and is planning a wedding. It is Katrina's birthday, and she keeps trying to attract the attention of a handsome customer.

To keep her happy, Skyler throws a western "Hoedown" and invites the customer.

All of the books seen in the show are provided by Harper Collins, which, like Fox, is owned by News Corp.

Books that are prominently displayed are based on The New York Times Best Seller list.

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