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Female • 17 years old • Back of a car My best guy friend, who had served as my first boyfriend years earlier, had recently come out to me as bisexual.

His boyfriend was edging his way into our group of friends, which pushed us all a bit more to the wild side.

So I'd been surprised the first time she had asked if she could just fall asleep in my bed (we'd been watching the online and she said she was too comfortable to get up).

But I'd gotten used to it, and understood that it didn't mean anything. I wanted to stay with her, even knowing that my affection wasn't reciprocated. " I rolled over and pulled her head toward mine, and kissed her as passionately as my inexperienced lips would allow. We made out for hours, and I felt and saw real breasts for the first time in my life, but we stopped short of going further that night.

Male • 18 years old • Maine It was the end of winter break, and I was meeting a girl at the airport to head to NYC for a week of sightseeing before school started up again for the spring term.

One wintry weekend, we made a daring plan to camp by the lake in our cars.

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