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To CL-26 Spokane Air Depot Aug 18, 1942 11624 was HALPRO #11 'Ball of Fire'. Jun 1986 To RAFM Reserve Collection and Restoration Centre at RAF Cardington, Beds. Crashed Nov 26, 1960 at Santa Cruz, Bolivia 57759 (MSN 10129) proposed EC-82A conversion cancelled 57760 (MSN 10130) proposed EC-82A conversion cancelled.

Shot down by Fw Gunther Steinhausen in Bf 109F-4/Trop of JG 27/1 100 km NW of Bir-el-Astas, Egypt Jul 9, 1942 11625 was HALPRO #03 'Yank'. 31 Aug 31, 1993 Allotted RAF Maintenance serial 9212M. Oct 94 Moved to Duxford for restoration to static display condition by The Fighter Collection on behalf of the Royal Air Force Museum. 57761 (MSN 10131) crashed at New Boston, Texas Jun 3, 1951. Baker Aviation School of Miami, FL 1971-1974, unregistered. To Transperuana de Sviacion SA of Lima, Peru Jul 20, 1964 as OB-T-749.

8 killed 5216 to RFC Albuquerque Aug 2, 1945 5217 (301st BG, 352nd BS) lost May 10, 1943. 5226 surveyed Rapid City AAF Sep 8, 1943 5227 condemned inventory Jul 8, 1944 5228 (454th BG) lost Jul 20, 1944. To RFC at Searcy Field, Stillwater, OK Sep 24, 1945. 57819 (MSN 10189) 57820 (MSN 10190) 57821 (MSN 10191) 57822 (MSN 10192) to Brazilian AF as 2208 in 1955. 57829 (MSN 10199) to US civil registry as N6235C, to LEBCA International, Inc Aug 1955 as N6235C. Seen derelict at Eldorado International Airport, Bogota, Colombia 1973-1997. 57831 (MSN 10201) crashed Kenia AP, Alaska Jul 21, 1950.

MACR 15304 5218 (306BG 423BS "Sky Wolf") shot down by AA fire, crashed near Keil, Germany 13-Jun-43. 5219 (305th BG, 364th BS) lost May 17, 1943, L'Orient, France. 5224 surveyed Hill AAF, UT May 10, 1943 5225 (91st BG, 323rd BS) shot down Aug 17, 1943 by Lt Artur Beese in Fw 190A of JG 26/1 at Balen, Belgium. MACR 6971 Also listed as reclamation completed Tinker AAF Feb 13, 1946 5229 surveyed Leesburg AAF Jun 22, 1943. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946 5265 to RFC Albuquerque Jun 25, 1945 5266 damaged in takeoff accident at Jacson AAB, MS Jan 25, 1945. Parted out and derelict at Touala IAP 93488 (MSN 13405) to Deccan Airways of India as VT-AUN. To Zonas Oeste y Norte de Aerolineas Argentinas (ZONDA) as LV-ABZ. 57830 (MSN 10200) to US civil registry as N6247C, to Cruzeiro do Sul of Brazil as PP-CEF. 57832 (MSN 10202) to civilian registry as N2054A, HP-219 (ntu), to Expreso Aero Peruano SA, Lima, Peru as OB-RAB-439, later OB-RAA-439, OB-WAF-439, OB-UAB-439, to TG-AVA Nov 1958 with Guatemalteca. 49-2588 Lockheed F-94A-5-LO MSN 780-7020/7110 Transfers to MASDC from redesignated EF-94. Currently on display at WBAFB Museum, Dayton Ohio 2499 crashlanded 3 mi N of Chillicothe, Ohio Sep 3, 1950 2500 bailed to Cornell University Aeronautical Laboratory for testing as EF-49A.

41-2218 Lockheed F-4-1-LO Lightning MSN 222-5391/5436 2173 condemned Jun 30, 1943 2174 diverted to France Mar 9, 1943 2175 condemned Mar 31, 1943 2176 condemned Apr 6, 1943 2177 lost May 21, 1943. Condemned Oct 31, 1944 2178 (MSN 222-5396) redesignated RP-38E Oct 22, 1942. Oct 15, 1945 Transferred to No.261 Base Unit, Abilene Army Air Field, Abilene, Texas, Second Air Force, Continental Air Forces. Transferred to No.4136 AAF Base Unit, Tinker Field, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Air Material Command. Feb 2, 1950 Transferred to Oklahoma City Air Material Command Area, Tinker AFB. Sep 11, 1951 Returned to Tinker AFB; redesignated F-47D. Instructional airframe, Sao Jose dos Campos AB, January 14, 1960. Loaned to Structural Mechanical and Engineering Flight, Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, England Dec 5, 1951 for supply drop trials as replacement for 45-57784. To N75884, then to Compania Mexicana de Aviacion as XA-LOJ.

MACR 12410 2170 to reclamation at Hill Field Mar 20, 1946 2171 wrecked at Pinon, CO Oct 20, 1942 41-2173 ... Jul 5, 1945 Transferred to No.281 AAF Base Unit, Brownsville Municipal Airport, Brownsville, Texas, still as part of Second Air Force, Continental Air Forces. Sep 9, 1945 Returned to No.283 AAF Base Unit, Galveston Army Air Field. 49476 to Peru 49478 to Peru 49481 to Chile in 1947 as 759. 49484 (401st Air Force Base Unit, Caribbean Defense Command) lost from unknown cause 100 mi S of Cape Mala, Panama while on z flight to Santiago, Chile Jul 18, 1946. 57740 (MSN 10110) was assigned Sep 13, 1948 to Berlin Airlift.

5210 to RFC Altus Aug 29, 1945 5211 to RFC Searcy Field, Stillwater, OK Jul 31, 1945. Condemned salvage no battle damage Feb 11, 1943 5259 to RFC Walnut Ridge Dec 14, 1945 5260 (303rd BG, 360th BS, "Yardbird II") shot down by Hptm Paul-August Stolte in Bf 109G-6 of JG 3/6 and exploded over North Sea 6km NW of Langeoog, Germany Oct 2, 1943. to RFC Albuquerque Aug 9, 1945 5262 (303rd BG, 360th BS) lost Mar 6, 1943. Lay wingless at Leeds for some time after its wings were put on G-AMSH. Registration cancelled Mar 4, 1967 on sale to Lebanon, but was registered VR-ABF with Brothers Air Service of Aden, Yeman the same month, and no Lebanese identity known. Crashed into sea Mar 1, 1977 when on climb out from Aden, Yemen. 57811 (MSN 10181) 57812 (MSN 10182) to US civil registry as N7857B, then to Cruzeiro do Sul of Brazil as PP-CFF but ntu. To Hawkins and Powers of Greybull, WY Aug 12, 1992. 57815 (MSN 10185) to Leeward Aeronautical Sales, Inc as N7854B and then to private user at Miami, FL in 1958, then to Cruzeiro do Sul as PP-CEH but ntu and used as spares source only.

W/o Apr 16, 1943 at Peterson AAF, CO 2183 force landed and wrecked Colorado Springs Jan 7, 1943 2184 condemned Jul 8, 1944 2185 to reclamation at Will Rogers Field Aug 3, 1945 2186 surveyed Sep 7, 1944 2187 condemned Nov 12, 1944 2188 to reclamation at Will Rogers Field Jul 15, 1945 2189 wrecked at Colorado Springs, CO Sep 13, 1942 2190 salvaged Jul 3,1944 2191 wrecked at Colorado Springs, CO Dec 16, 1942 2192 wrecked at St Matthews, KY Mar 3, 1942 2193 (MSN 222-5411) W/o May 3, 1943 at Shoemaker, NMsurveyed May 3, 1943 2194 (MSN 222-5412) w/o Jan 5, 1944 at Cox Field, TX, to CL-26 at Colorado Springs Jan 6, 1944 2195 wrecked in emergency landing at Colorado Springs, CO Nov 21, 1942. 1973 At least three, and possibly up to seven, static Yugoslav P-47s survived by this date, the present RAFM example being stored with the Yugoslav Aeronautical Museum at Belgrade, and at one time presumed to be the aircraft bearing the serial 13024. David Tallichet/Military Aircraft Restoration Corp, Chino, CA, Apr. Loaned to Liberal Air Museum, Liberal, KS, 1986-1990. 49391 to Chile in 1947 as 755 49397 crashed Jun 18, 1945 on test flight while attempting an emergency landing 3 mi SE of New Harmony, IN. 57744 (MSN 10114) 57745 (MSN 10115) to Cruzeiro do Sul as PP-CEH in 1958. 2160 salvaged Jul 9, 1945 2161 crashed Turkahead Mtn, CO May 17, 1942. On display at Pinto Martins AB, Fortaleza 1970-1987. Airplane Sales International, Santa Monica (later Beverly Hills), CA, 1988-1996. 49156 to Peru 49167 on display at WPAFB Museum, marked as P-47D-30-RA 44-32718. To civilian registry as N47DB and to USAF Museum in 1982. Removed from active service and stored at Tinker AFB, OK. Withdrawn from service and stored at Piura Air Base in the open until 1969. 49295 (MSN 399-55834) Jun 11, 1945 Accepted by USAAF. Airplane Sales International, Santa Monica, CA, 1988-1990. 49434 to Peru 49437 to Peru 49441 served with 131st TFS, 104th TFW of Massachusetts ANG at Otis AFB between 19. Retired 1959 49451 to Peru 49452 to Peru 49458 (MSN 399-55997) to Peru. In 1987 was at New England Air Museum, Windsor Locks, CT. 57736 (MSN 10106) to civilian registry as N4835V, then XB-ZUZ, LV-PNY, LV-GIS.11623 (MSN 119) W/o 17Jul 1942 at Geiger Field, WA. As acquired by the RAF Museum, the aircraft was described as an amalgam of parts but complete except for one small panel and indeed had the Yugoslav serial 13064 painted on the cowling and fin when inspected by the RAF Museum in February 1986. To Mexican civilian registry as XB-YOA, XA-LIK, then CP-678 with Aerovias Condor of Bolivia.17854 (17th BG, 95th BS) w/o 17855 (320th BG, 441st BS, "Lady Eve") hit by AAA and crashlanded between Tunis and Bizerte, Tunisia Jul 17, 1943. 17856 (322nd BG, 452nd BS) ditched Apr 5, 1943 at sea due to mechanical failure. Transferred to AURI 93571 (MSN 13497) to NEIAF as DT-962, callsign VH-REP. May 20, 2003 By road to RAFM Hendon for display in main aircraft hall. I also have this one as going to Peru 49308 to Peru 49326 to Peru 49335 to Peru as FAP-127. 57772 (MSN 10142) crashed Jan 16, 1953 at Chaumont, France 57773 (MSN 10143) to Bankers Life and Casualty Co of Chicago, IL as N5106B 1957-1969 57774 (MSN 10144) to civilian registry as CX-AQA with Aerovias Monder, Modevideo, Uruguay, to PP-CEE with Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil. 57779 (MSN 10149) crashed Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada Dec 23, 1948.The plane was flying in formation from Marrakech, French Morocco to St Eval, Cornwall, England, when it reported the failure of one of its engines when 40 miles off the Portuguese coast and given the order to go to Lisbon. 93573 (MSN 13500) w/o in takeoff accident Oct 13, 1944 Nandi AB, Fiji 93576 (MSN 13503) to MLD (Marine Luchtvaard Dienst--Dutch Navy) as Q-8. Allocated RAF "maintenance" serial of 9212M 49300 served with 104th FS, 175th FW of Maryland ANG at Harbor Field, Baltimore, Maryland between 19. Now on civil registry as N47DF 49337 to Chile in 1947 as 752. To nightclub in Rio de Janeiro in 1965 57775 (MSN 10145) to civilian registry in Uruguay as CX-AQB, then to Bankers Life and Casualty Co of Chicago, IL as N5105B from 1957 to 1969. 57780 (MSN 10150) to NX54210, HP0220, OB-TAI-438, N6236C, OB-WAE-438, OB-UAA-438, N74810, TG-AYA, N74810, N127E. Airframe broken up at some point after 1987l Fuselage currently preserved at Hagerstown Aviation Museum, Hagerstown, MD 57783 (MSN 10153) to US civil registry as N7855B. Derelict at Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil at Eduardo Gomes airport.

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