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Saul Sternberg (1966) devised an experiment wherein subjects were told to remember a set of unique digits in short-term memory.Subjects were then given a probe stimulus in the form of a digit from 0-9.Mental chronometry is studied using measurements of reaction time (RT), which is the elapsed time between the presentation of a sensory stimulus and the subsequent behavioral response.

Although Donders' work paved the way for future research in mental chronometry tests, it was not without its drawbacks.

His insertion method, often referred to as "pure insertion", was based on the assumption that inserting a particular complicating requirement into an RT paradigm would not affect the other components of the test.

This assumption—that the incremental effect on RT was strictly additive—was not able to hold up to later experimental tests, which showed that the insertions were able to interact with other portions of the RT paradigm. Hick (1952) devised a CRT experiment which presented a series of nine tests in which there are n equally possible choices.

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