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Included Bahrain until 1521 the largest of Ahsa, Qatif (in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia now), in addition to Lawal (an archipelago of Bahrain).

In 2005, Bahrain signed the Convention on bilateral free trade with the United States of America to be the first Persian Gulf countries that do so.

[Need to source] Other industries include Bahrain aluminum, the world's largest annual production of about 525000 metric tons, and related factories, in addition to the repair and building of ships, and others.

Geographically Site Bahrain lies in the East Asian central Arabian Gulf as part of the Middle East.

In the 18th century, specifically in 1782 and then liberated Al-Khalifa of Bahrain, the Persian invasion.

To protect Bahrain invasion Faris renewed, and Bahrain signed a treaty of friendship with the United Kingdom and became a protectorate by the British.

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