Who is drake the rapper dating

He’s an entry point for the unfamiliar into genres like Afrobeats and dancehall and grime and South African house.But beneath these plush trappings, he’s still, in many ways, the same Toronto MC who is by turns paranoid about his standing and prone to long bouts of introspection.

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His debut with Young Money, his tracks "Over" and "Find Your Love", skyrocketed him to the charts, even before his first album was released.According to documents obtained by TMZ, Drake-Lee additionally cited flare-ups of Williams’ temper, including an alleged death threat he made during a road rage incident, as another reason why she be the sole custodian of the children.Her filing came two months after Williams filed for joint legal and physical custody of the two children in June.As if the jerseys weren't ridiculous enough, there were other sports-themed elements of the presentation, including a replica of the NBA's Larry O' Brien Trophy, awarded to the NBA champion following the Finals each year.Although some of you out there will be quick to call the move corny or over the top, it was certainly a hit with the ladies in question.

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