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It started to become glaringly apparent that I was being seduced by a lifestyle. Despite the women’s liberation movement, our culture is always reminding us of gender roles.Today, websites like Seeking are making it that much easier for men and women to connect by waving the carrot of support and financial security to attract youth and beauty.These websites are often filled with college students looking to finance their educational years. I learned from my grandmother — the breadwinner in her marriage — that there was nothing that a woman couldn’t do as well as a man.I started working when I was 16 years old and, by all accounts, I had achieved a fairly high degree of success as a young journalist in my early 20s.“I was never that woman that wanted to have biological kids, ever,” said the journalist.

She took a chance with a friend and set up a profile as a fluke.While I think Tom liked me because of my independent spirit, I’m quite sure he hoped that the longer we were in a relationship together, the more likely it would be that I would eventually give up my career and let him support me.” I guess it worked out.They’ve had difficulties with conflicting work schedules, but those are normal people problems.However, this new phenomenon is sweeping colleges across the nation, and the website skirts the issue of prostitution by promoting "Sugar Baby University," a platform where young women can exchange "companionship" for guidance, and in some cases, intimacy.The website launched in 2006 and has over 5 million users of which 2 million are college students, according to the website's statistics, which tracks student registrations with their (dot) edu email addresses.

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