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Half were plagued by upsetting memories of their days in the Exclusives.

A spokesperson for - an information website set up to 'investigate and report the truth behind the Exclusive Brethren' - says: "We've been following Son of Rambow since it was shown at the Sundance Film Festival? shame no active Exclusive Brethren will be allowed to see the movie."That's one of the reasons why Jennings isn't worried about a potential Brethren backlash.

Although I lived next door to them, they kept to themselves and it took a lot of investigation to find out more."The Plymouth Brethren was started by law student John Nelson Darby in the early 1800s after he broke away from the Anglican Church in Ireland.

A gathering in Plymouth, Devon, in 1832, gave the sect its name, but 10 years later, the group itself split into 'Exclusive Brethren' and 'Open Brethren' - the former being much stricter.

Alnwick Castle was the home of the most powerful medieval northern baronial family, the Earls of Northumberland.

It was a staging post on the Great North Road between Edinburgh and London, and latterly has become a dormitory town.

The town centre has changed relatively little, but the town has seen some growth, with several housing estates covering what had been pasture, and new factory and trading estate developments along the roads to the south.

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Thomas Malory mentions Alnwick as a possible location for Lancelot's castle Joyous Garde.Will belongs to a Plymouth Brethren family, and listening to music, watching television or seeing films are all forbidden to members of the reclusive religious sect.Seeing Rambo is therefore a life-changing experience for Will.The leader's behaviour also raised alarm bells."In my first 10 years the Brethren were a happy group," David says."Friends and relatives who were non-Brethren were allowed to stay with us and we could eat with them, but in the early 1960s an American named Jim Taylor forced his way to the top and began 'separation'."Separation meant sect members must keep away from anyone who didn't follow the Exclusive teaching.

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