Xp clients not updating dns

The DHCP Client service registers name and address data whenever they are changed (either manually by an administrator or automatically by the granting or revocation of a DHCP lease).

In Windows Vista (and Windows Server 2008) Microsoft moved the registration functionallity from the DHCP Client service to the DNS Client service.

TCP/IP is the de facto standard for computer networking and appears to have no challengers in the networking protocol arena.Microsoft's "DNS Server" service was first introduced in Windows NT 3.51 as an add-on with Microsoft's collection of Back Office services, but at the time was marked to be used for testing purposes only.It became notorious for incompatibility with BIND configuration files, in particular by lacking support for DNS wildcards and differing in its IPv6 implementation.Prior to Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, the most common problem encountered with Microsoft's DNS server was cache pollution.Although Microsoft's DNS Server had a mechanism for properly dealing with cache pollution, the mechanism was turned off by default.

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